Axis Volunteer Hours Program is ready for sign ups!

Required hours based on programs are below. If you have multiple athletes on the team, the athlete with the highest program is what your requirement is.

Horizontal Axis (programs with half days only)  4 hours
Vertical Axis (programs with Saturday and half days)  8 hours
Off Axis & All Axis (full time programs w/weekday day training)  12 hours

We are using Sign Up Genius to schedule your hours. All hours must be completed or committed to by March 1, 2014 or a fee of $25 per hour will be charged to you for any hours not fulfilled.


We have put up some jobs, but will be adding more as the season progresses, so check back often.

Axis parent Pam McElmon will be overseeing this program for us.  You can email her at p.mcelmon@comcast.net

We are also open to other ways to fulfill volunteer hours that we may not be thinking of, such as ways your business can help Axis, help with fundraising, in-kind donations of items we need, etc.  We may not realize what you have to offer that we need. For approval of alternative ways to volunteer/contribute, please contact Mary at mary@axisfreeride.com

Also, if you have already done some volunteer work for us this season (i.e. Jans Winter Welcome, Live PC Give PC, etc.) please let us know so that we can credit you for those